#3 – Casual vs Competitive

Have you ever sat down at a table expecting to have a good time, only to end up disliking the person you are playing against? With hundreds of thousands of people playing Magic worldwide there’s a good chance that it has happened or will happen at some point, so let’s talk about that. What is “Fun”? […]

#2 – Igniting your Spark

So you’ve heard of this game called Magic: the Gathering. Maybe it was from a friend or relative, maybe you came from another game like Hearthstone or YuGiOh! or maybe someone you know saw this article and is low-key trying to encourage you to learn how to play so they have someone new to pulverize… I mean play with. […]

#1 – The Balance of Power

In some gaming communities there are players who get a little too territorial or toxic and forget that other people play the game too. Perhaps you’ve encountered players who have been saying that the sky has been falling even though it never seems to actually hit the ground. You may have even filled their shoes and […]